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Panacea Plumbing and Heating are based in Epsom. We are Gas Safe registered and provide plumbing and heating services throughout the Surrey area.


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Renewable Energy Solutions


Panacea Plumbing and Heating are specialists in renewable energy solutions. Current marketplace technology provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, enabling our clients to reduce CO2 emissions from their homes. Our company uses Worcester Bosch renewable energy products that are cost-effective, friendly to the environment and capable of securing all of your long-term energy needs.


Air Source Heat Pumps


Worcester Bosch air source heat pumps can provide huge household savings in comparison to conventional heating. Free, sustainable latent energy from the air is converted to produce heat. The result is a green, affordable and economical form of energy that provides heating and hot water throughout the year.


For properties with limited space, the Worcester Bosch Greensource air-to-air heat pump can be fitted to an external wall. This makes them particularly suitable for apartments, flats and smaller domestic homes. The product is attractive and has the capabilities to provide exceptional energy efficiency.


By circulating energy derived from outside air to create heat, Greensource air-to-air heat pumps circulate warmth to help maintain comfortable inside temperatures all year round. Integrated plasma-cluster ion technology also allows Worcester Bosch Greensource air-to-air heat pumps to function as an air cooler and purifier.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps


The Worcester Bosch range of air-to-water heat pumps can deliver huge savings when compared to traditional heating systems. The Greensource range is specifically designed to be the only heating and hot water production system inside the home. Using constantly available energy from the air in conjunction with a refrigeration unit, temperatures are boosted to sufficient levels for heating and hot water use.


Ground Source Heat Pumps


Worcester Bosch ground source heat pumps use natural energy from sub-ground level to create the sole source of hot water and heating for domestic properties. No additional boilers are required and a kilowatt of energy needed to power the heat pump generates upwards of four kilowatts of energy inside the home.


Greenstore ground source heat pumps from Worcester Bosch create low-cost, sustainable energy without direct emissions or any other type of environmental hazard. These exciting products can be used in a wide range of properties. Panacea Plumbing and Heating are available to discuss options for your home.

Solar Heating


The Worcester Bosch Greenskies solar panel is an intermediate-sized photovoltaic system capable of generating sufficient energy to meet up to 70% of hot water requirements for domestic properties. This represents a significant saving on heating costs and only the remaining hot water requirements will need to be generated by the boiler.


Photovoltaic solar panels harness direct and diffused sunlight, converting energy to heat for hot water production. Worcester Bosch Greenskies solar panels are designed to complement traditional heating systems by exchanging the existing cylinder with an equivalent that has two heat exchange coils, with one operating through the boiler and the other directly from the solar panels.


Worcester Bosch Greenskies solar panels are designed to work perfectly with the supporting range of Greenstar boilers, which are available in oil and gas formats that require separate cylinders for hot water storage. Used together, these Worcester Bosch products create an amazingly efficient system that provides both hot water and heating.

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